Novacart values

Reliability, passion and innovation

The search for selected and certified raw materials, the choice of reliable partners, respect for the environment and market innovation are the principles on which the group's work is based.

  • Novacart sustainability
  • Sustainability

    Respect for resources, territories and populations are indispensable principles for Novacart group. Starting from the exclusive use of certified raw materials to the use of low consumption systems, our work is always based on reducing the environmental impact.

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  • Innovation

    The drive for innovation is the stimulus that guides our activities and allows us to evolve together with the needs of customers and markets, looking for new eco-sustainable materials and developing new technologies internally.

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  • Passion

    Passion is what drives us to achieve all our goals. At Novacart offices, employees and managers work in synergy to offer customers a fully satisfactory service and to bring wellbeing to the territory and the community in which we operate.

  • Reliability

    Novacart Group offers its customers a complete, fast, punctual and transparent service, in line with the agreed times and delivery methods. Furthermore, our R & D center works to provide customized solutions to specific needs.

  • Novacart quality
  • Quality

    We believe that, in order to grow and become bearer of social and economic value, a project must be based on quality. For this, we aim to achieve excellence in the sector, from the careful research of raw materials to the creation of a certified and transparent supply chain up to the improvement of production processes.

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  • Novacart know how
  • Know-how

    Novacart Group has over 90 years of experience and over 100 patented products. The innovation continues thanks to investments in the Research and Development department and in the constant search for highly qualified personnel. These features allow Novacart to maintain a high competitive profile worldwide.

  • Novacart made in Italy
  • Made in Italy

    Since its foundation, Novacart has treasured the values ​​of Made in Italy with products that aim at excellence in every aspect, from maximum functionality to accurate design. Today we continue to export these values ​​with production and sales locations in over 80 countries worldwide.

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