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  • Novacart panettone baking molds
    WELCOME TO NOVACART GROUP The inventors of baking molds Discover more
  • WELCOME TO NOVACART GROUP Quality and respect for the environment Discover more
  • Novacart panettone baking molds
    WELCOME TO NOVACART GROUP The inventors of baking molds Discover more
  • WELCOME TO NOVACART GROUP Quality and respect for the environment Discover more
  • Novacart Group

    Our group is among the world leaders in the production of paper molds for cooking and the presentation of food, with a daily production of millions of pieces and a capillary presence all over the world. We work alongside the food and confectionery industry, as well as professionals in the sector and large retailers, with a careful approach to the evolution of technologies, markets and consumers' demands.

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  • A global presence

    Founded in 1926 near Milan, today Novacart boasts production sites and sales offices all over the world. Our group operates globally with a distribution network that covers over 80 countries.

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  • Novacart production plants

Our numbers

  • 0 Number of employees
  • 0 Countries in the world
  • 0 Production sites
  • 0 Commercial and logistic units
  • 229.395.085 Baking molds
  • 2.676.275.993 Baking cups
  • 382.325.142 Other products
Novacart Group produces millions of pieces every day, the numbers refer to our production from 01/01/2024
  • Quality and respect for the environment

    Novacart Group's business strategies are oriented towards reducing environmental impact and promoting social and economic sustainability, in accordance with the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

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    • We are working toward a
      ZERO-EMISSION future

    • 1,413 MWp of power system
    • 0 Tons of saved CO2 per year
    • 0 Toe avoided
    • 0 Equivalent of saved trees
  • A new photovoltaic installation - 2.480 Photovoltaic Panels - 1.490.000 KW/h produced in a year

    • Baking molds
    • Our baking molds are made of paper resistant to the high temperatures of the ovens and the sub-zero temperatures of the freezers, with a self-supporting structure that makes the use of metal trays superfluous. The refined and elegant design makes them ideal for presentation.
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    • Novacart baking molds
    • Baking cups
    • Our cups are made of paper resistant to the high temperatures of ovens over 200 °, freezing up to -40 ° and grease. They must not be buttered before use and can be used alone or placed in cardboard or metal supports.
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    • Novacart baking cups
    • Display items
    • From paper trays to paper cake laces, from cupolas to cardboard discs for pastries, our presentation items are grease resistant and have a refined and elegant design, which can be customized on request.
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    • Novacart display items
    • Service items
    • Our service items are designed to enhance different creations. Napkins, sachets, price tags, embossed papers and many other products are available to confectioners and professionals in the sector. On most of them it is possible to perform graphic customizations.
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    • Novacart food service items
    • Consumer Pack
    • For shops and retailers we have a wide selection of products packaged for retail sale, to be customized with the style, colors and retailer's brand. The inks used for graphics are heat, alcohol and grease resistant and do not transfer to the finished product.
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    • Novacart consumer pack
  • Novacart Punto Rosso

    Innovation and development

    We believe in innovation and continuous growth: this is why Punto Rosso, our laboratory for analysis, research and development, was born.
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We believe in the importance of moments of confrontation with customers. Check out the upcoming trade shows Novacart Group will be attending.

  • Houston Texas 09/06/2024 -
    IDDBA 2537
    IDDBA - Houston Texas
    09/06/2024 - 11/06/2024
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