Novacart baking molds production

Production plants

Novacart group has manufacturing plants with a high degree of automation all over the world, creating millions of products every day.

  • The numbers of Novacart Group

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  • Production sites in the world

    We have production sites in different countries: each of our headquarters works in compliance with the high quality standards of Novacart Group.

  • Novacart Italy
  • Novacart


    Novacart is the main company. Founded in 1926, from the headquarters and production site of Garbagnate Monastero, it controls all the companies located in other countries.

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  • Novacart Italy plant
  • Novacart


    Novacart branch in Bosisio Parini boasts technologically advanced and cutting-edge systems.

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  • Novacart USA Richmond
  • Novacart USA

    USA - Richmond, CA

    Novacart USA is headquartered in Richmond, California. The production plant is equipped with storehouse and distribution service able to cover the entire territory of the United States.

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  • Novacart USA Moorestown
  • Novacart USA

    USA - Moorestown, NJ

    Novacart Group has also opened a branch in Moorestown, New Jersey, with distribution and storage service, operating throughout the United States.

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  • Novacart Cart Service
  • Cart Service


    In 1996, Novacart opened up to the Spanish market with the inauguration of Cart Service.

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  • Novacart Paper Tech
  • Paper Tech

    United Kingdom

    Paper Tech UK Ltd has been part of Novacart since 1996. Paper Tech is located in Portsmouth, UK.

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  • Novacart Technopapier
  • Technopapier


    Technopapier, based in France, has been part of Novacart since 1998.

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  • Novacart Nordia
  • Nordia


    Nordia is located in Pontcharra and is one of the two French companies belonging to Novacart group.  

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  • Novacart Siluett
  • Siluett


    Siluett has been a Novacart site in Sweden since 2001.

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  • Novacart Russia
  • Novacart Russia


    Novacart has a site in Russia since 2011.

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  • Novacart Baki Packi India
  • Baki Packi


    Baki Packi, based in Delhi, India, has been part of Novacart since 2014.

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  • Novacart Brazil
  • Novacart Brazil


    In 2015 Novacart opened up to the Brazilian market with a site in São Paulo.

  • Novacart China
  • Novacart China


    In 2016 Novacart launched its Chinese site in Hangzhou.

  • Novacart Neupack
  • Neupack


    Neupack has been part of Novacart in Switzerland since 2017.

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    • Distributors in the world

      We are located in over eighty countries in the world with local representatives and an efficient distribution network.
      If you are looking for a distributor fill out the form and we will show you the one that best suits your needs.

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    • Business contacts

      Contact us for any request or commercial information, we will reply as soon as possible.

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  • Research and Development

    We believe in innovation and continuous growth: this is why Punto Rosso, our laboratory for analysis, research and development, was born.

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  • Quality and Safety

    Internationally recognized certifications document the entire Novacart production cycle.

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