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Strategies based on a careful assessment of the environmental impact.

Novacart Group adheres to the principles of sustainable growth and believes in the social value of the company. All our strategies are based on a careful assessment of the environmental, social and economic impact.

Novacart sustainable policy

01 Environmental sustainability

Certified raw materials, projects to reduce the environmental impact and research for new environmentally friendly materials are some of the objectives with which we pursue the principle of environmental sustainability.

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Novacart environmental sustainability

02 Social sustainability

Full attention to the health, well-being and safety of every person is an indispensable value of our way of doing business. We orientate the global management of the company to continuous improvement, motivating the quality of all company personnel and rewarding the achievement of significant results.

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Novacart social responsibility

03 Economic sustainability

Looking for excellence in product quality, studying new markets, doing research and investing in the community are some of the strategies that allow us to create economic value for the territory and the community.

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Novacart economic sustainability
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