• Quality in respect of nature

    Safeguarding natural resources and reducing environmental impact are at the core of our company policy.

    In line with the 17 goals of sustainable development dictated by the United Nations for 2030, Novacart Group is committed to responsible production.

    The paper chosen by Novacart group for part of the production comes from FSC-certified Scandinavian forests, which guarantee to plant many more trees than those that are cut. This responsible management of forests makes us and all our customers active in combating deforestation and co-responsible for the increase of planted areas.

    Finally, we are concerned with choosing suppliers only among those companies that can demonstrate their active commitment to reducing waste.

  • A green supply chain, from beginning to end

    All Novacart plants and offices have been equipped with LED lighting, which is more energy efficient. In addition, we internally design modern low energy consumption facilities for our production chain.

    We use storage modes that optimize transport, employing stackable boxes that allow the transfer of a higher number of products, reducing the amount of travel and consequently also CO2 emissions.

    Finally, the use of very little water, the recycling of production waste and the optimization of the packaging are other strategies we adopt to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Environmental protection and research

    Punto Rosso, our Research and Development laboratory studies the improvement of production processes in favor of a lower environmental impact. We have also started collaborations with the Italian Institute of Technology to study a cellulose treatment that can make it usable in the food industry, creating packaging of highly biocompatible paper material.

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