The strength of a group founded on solid principles

Novacart Group is a world leader in the manufacturing of paper products for cooking and food presentation.

  • The numbers of Novacart Group

  • Number of employees 0
  • Countries in the world 0
  • Production sites 0
  • Commercial and logistic units 0
  • We invest in research and development to reduce environmental impact, to make production processes more efficient and to look for new environmentally friendly raw materials.

  • Mission and History

    Founded in 1926 north of Milan, Novacart aims to be a global reference point for the food industry every day.

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    • Our values

      Novacart group has always worked with seriousness and passion, seeking the highest quality of products and working in an environmentally friendly manner.

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  • Novacart in the world

    Thanks to several manufacturing and sales locations around the world and a distribution network covering over eighty countries, Novacart's leadership has now global reach.

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  • Quality and Safety

    Internationally recognized certifications document the entire Novacart production cycle.

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  • All the companies

    Novacart Group operates globally with production sites and sales offices in various countries around the world.

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  • Innovation and development

    We believe in innovation and continuous growth: this is why Punto Rosso, our laboratory for analysis, research and development, was born.
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