Novacart companies

A global leadership

Novacart group is constantly growing, thanks to the exploration of ever-new markets and an increasingly widespread distribution network, able to provide timely responses to customer needs.

  • Production and distribution sites


    based in Via Europa, 1 23846 Garbagnate Monastero (LC) - ITALY. The headquarters of Novacart Group is located in Italy, in Garbagnate Monastero, in the province of Lecco. Novacart S.p.a. also has an operating site in Bosisio Parini, also in the province of Lecco. All the companies in over 80 countries worldwide refer to the headquarters of Garbagnate Monastero.


    based in Via Donizetti 12b-c-d 00043 Ciampino (Rm) - ITALY. Novaservice. Novaservice has been dealing with Novacart product distribution service for professionals in the food and confectionery sector all over Italy since the 1980s. Novaservice has offices in the province of Milan, Rome and Florence.


    based in 512 West Ohio Avenue, 94804, Richmond, CA - USA. Novacart headquarters in the United States boasts some of the most advanced technologies and a distribution service able to cover the entire territory of the United States in a capillary manner.


    based in Z.I. de Pré Brun BP 40, 38530, Pontcharra - FRANCE. Nordia is a company specialized in the production and marketing of food paper and cardboard products. Founded in 1904, it has been part of Novacart since 2001.

    TECHNOPAPIER France S.a.s.

    based in Rue des Eaux, Z.I. de Plagué 35500 Vitré - FRANCE. Technopapier is located in Brittany and has been part of Novacart since 1998. It specializes in the production of paper and cardboard items for food use for professionals and for large retailers.


    based in Skill Centre, Limberline Spur, Portsmouth PO3 5LF - UNITED KINGDOM. Paper Tech employs highly specialized personnel and cutting-edge machinery, producing millions of articles every day for the food sector. It has been part of Novacart since 1997.


    based in Molí d’en Planes 8-10-12, Naves 1 y 2, Poligono Industrial Santiga, 08210 Barberà del Vallés (Barcelona) - SPAIN.  Cartservice is the Spanish headquarters of Novacart, specialized in the distribution of food packaging items.


    based in Televägen 7, SE-681 34 Kristinehamn - SWEDEN. With Siluett, Novacart has opened its doors to the Swedish market. The company has been operating in the sector since 1928, producing high quality food paper items of different shapes and sizes. It has been part of Novacart since 2001.


    based in the Moscow region, Stupino district, 142842, rn Mikhnevo, Stroiteley st. 1 - RUSSIA. With the opening of the headquarters in the Moscow district, Novacart has intercepted the multiple potentials of the Russian market. Novacart Russia opened its doors in 2011.

    BACKI PAKI Pvt. Ltd.

    based in Plot No. 147, Block-A, DSIIDC, Industrial Area Narela, Delhi-110040 - INDIA. Novacart is also present in India since 2014, with paper products for food suitable for the Indian market, always respecting the quality that has always distinguished the brand.

    NOVACART HANGZHOU Manufacturing Co. Ltd

    based at no.5877 Sixth Jiangdong Road, Hangzhou - CHINA.  Aware of the growing importance of China on the world market, Novacart has decided to inaugurate its own office in Hangzhou in 2016.


    based in Avenida Takara Belmont, 95, São Paulo - BRAZIL.  In 2015, Novacart inaugurated a branch in São Paulo, Brazil, with the aim of expanding into the South American market.


    based in Via Niscio 7, 6534, San Vittore - SWITZERLAND. In 2017, Novacart opened its headquarters in Italian-speaking Switzerland, in the Ticino Canton.

  • Different companies


    based in Via Europa, 1 23846 Garbagnate Monastero (LC) - ITALY. The company Astucci Litografati deals with the production of cardboard packaging for Novacart products.


    based in Via Europa, 1 23846 Garbagnate Monastero (LC) - ITALY. The company CMS designs and realizes production lines and advanced equipment at the service of Novacart offices. The machines developed by CMS can also be implemented in customer production lines.

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