Novacart food industry products

Solutions and services for the industry

We are able to offer a complete service with high quality, customizable and custom-designed finished products, as well as automatic production lines specifically created for the customer's production cycle.

  • From the oven to the shelf

    Thanks to a careful research of materials and structures, our baking molds and cups are suitable to support the needs of modern production lines.

    Our products do not need to be buttered and can be baked even without preformed metal baking trays, thus ensuring greater safety in the management of food. They are also suitable for high oven temperatures, freezing and thermal abatement processes.

    The technical features combined with the careful and attractive design, allow us to use our products from the oven to the sales shelf, without the need for a specific packaging for the presentation.

  • Novacart paper products for food industry
  • Attention to details

    We are always careful to find graphic solutions that satisfy the tastes of the market. For those who want to stand out, we also offer the possibility of characterizing the design of our products at will.

    We can impress our baking cups and our cooking molds with a personalized style by printing drawings designed by the customer and a wide choice of colors, providing our skills and offering suggestions.

  • Ad hoc solutions

    Our experience in the food industry allows us to offer a tailor-made service for specific requests.

    Our Research and Development laboratory is available for the selection of suitable materials and for the design of new products able to respond to the most particular needs.

    Our technicians are able to realize projects also for the production plants of the customer and thus obtain a finished product ad hoc, from the design and construction of the mold, up to the supply of automatic spraying lines. Finally, at the request of the customer, we provide security stocks at our offices.

  • Novacart muffin trays
    Novacart NTS muffin trays
  • Novacart production
  • A 360 ° service

    Through the CMS division, we are able to realize plants that automate the insertion of products on production lines in order to simplify the production cycle and favor the reduction of costs.

    The CMS division employs highly specialized personnel and technologically advanced equipment to manufacture molds and build machineries that will be delivered already tested and able to work immediately with total efficiency.

    The service we offer to the industries is therefore complete: quality finished products, plants for production and automation.

  • Novacart paper products

    Novacart paper food products

  • We help you stand out

    We carefully take care of the design of our products so that they are elegant, modern and able to satisfy all tastes, but we also want to give our customers the chance to always be recognizable and stand out from the competition.

    To many of our products we can impress a personal style with the printing of drawings designed by the customer, with the required colors and the company logo. To find the perfect layout, we provide ideas and suggestions.

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  • Novacart panettone molds
    Novacart panettone baking molds
    Novacart Tulip cups
    Novacart paper molds
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