5 cake design ideas you can easily try at home

Learn how to decorate your cake like a pastry professional. You can serve your creations using Novacart paper and cardboard doily laces and trays.
  • The art of cake design is not necessarily limited to pastry shops and professional cake manufacturers, but can also be performed at home.

    Even if you are not a cake expert, you can always decorate your work with some little tricks: here are 5 cake design ideas you can try at home, quickly and easily

  • Edible flowers

    Flowers are a popular decoration on cakes: roses, daisies and even tulips can be used. Often these decorations are created with plastic chocolate, meringue or sugar paste, but there are also real flowers that can be eaten: edible flowers.

    The most popular edible flowers are lavender, daisy, mallow, rose, calendula, violet ... you are spoilt for choice!

    Moreover, they are all colorful flowers that give a fresh and lively touch to your cake. Use them on a cake with a light-colored glaze, like white, baby pink or blue. If you want a more dramatic effect, cover your cake with black plastic chocolate, and use flowers with intense colors like yellow and orange to create a pleasant contrast.

  • Berries

    The berries, with their intense and attractive colors, are perfect for decorating your cake. They are perfect for decorating a cake made with fruit or jam, or a simple margherita cake covered with a white glaze.

    Choose the fruit you prefer and decorate the cake using it as a topping, or you can stick it on the sides of the cake. If the fruit is too large (such as, for example, a strawberry) cut it into thinner slices.

  • Butter cream

    Butter cream is one of the easiest creams to make at home for your cake decoration. Just mix together butter, icing sugar and a tablespoon of milk; the result is a soft cream, easy to spread or to use with a pastry bag.

    You can use it to cover the whole cake, or to create small decorations with the pastry bag. You can create many different shapes, because the cream is very soft and easy to handle. In addition, you can also add a pinch of food coloring to give your cream more liveliness.

  • Melted chocolate

    This decoration is perfect for basic cakes or cakes with creams. Melted chocolate (which can be dark, milk or white) can be used as a simple decoration on top of the cake, using a spoon and forming strips of chocolate.

    If you want to be more creative, you can also use it to make figures on a piece of baking paper. Once they have hardened, you can place them on the cake as a decoration.

  • Candy decoration

    Here is an easy cake design idea that the kids will love: candy decoration.

    You can try it on birthday cakes, for baby showers, and many other occasions. Some of the most appreciated candies for this type of decoration are M&Ms, gummy bears, but also candied fruit and marshmallows. 


  • You can serve your dessert cake design on our doily laces of the Apollo series or use one of our Pet film trays resistant to grease. All Novacart presentation products are made with high quality paper and cardboard, and their design makes them perfect for enhancing any type of cake, muffin or cupcake.

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