Brazil Independence Day: learn more about traditional Brazilian desserts

Brazil celebrates its independence from Portugal’s occupation on the 7th of September. Let’s find out more about Brazil traditional desserts, which can be prepared and served with Novacart products.
  • Brazil Independence Day (Dia da Independência) or Sete de Setembro is a national day which celebrates the declaration of independence of Brazil, when the country was finally free from Portugal’s colonization.

    The country’s independence was declared on the 7th of September, 1822.

    To celebrate this special date in Brazil, let’s learn more about the most popular Brazilian desserts, which can be prepared and served with Novacart’s products.

  • Bombocado

    This delicious Brazilian dessert is one of the country’s traditional specialties. It’s mainly made with eggs, parmesan, butter and flour. It’s usually cut into bite-sized pieces, perfect to be eaten all at once: that is why its name literally means “good bite”.

    Prepare it with the baking mold Optima OP 300x102 H 25 CBMP made of pure cellulose cardboard; its rectangular shape is perfect for the preparation of this dessert.

  • Brazilian Quindim

    This Brazilian dessert has Portuguese origins: in Portugal a lot of eggs are usually used in the preparation of traditional recipes. The Brazilian version is made of a soft flan, based on coconut and condensed milk. It’s a very sweet and tasty dessert, emphasized by a splash of lime juice.

    Novacart’s Apollo Doily 3 made of cardboard is perfect to present these small puddings.

  • Brigadeiro

    An ideal dessert for both children and adults, the Brigadeiro owes its name to Eduardo Gomes, a famous Brazilian politician and military man called “brigadeiro”. These desserts are similar to chocolate truffles, covered in chocolate sprinkles.

    Thanks to RD Series paper cups it will be easy to create these small spheres made with condensed milk, cocoa and butter, and then put them in the fridge to cool. The paper cups are perfect for the presentation, as well.

  • Pudim de leite

    This is another Portuguese inspired dessert: the Pudim de leite is mainly made of condensed milk, eggs and sugar, which create a creamy mix similar to a pudding. It’s covered in caramel sauce, and reminds you of the beloved Crème Caramel.

    Use an Apollo Doily 5 in gold for the presentation, ideal to serve your desserts. Its pet film is food-fat resistant.

  • Bolo de Maracuja

    This dessert is perfect for the lovers of exotic fruit, because it’s based on maracuja (or passion fruit). Sweet and fruity, it’s cooked with a base of flour, sugar, butter and sunflower seed oil. The maracuja’s pulp is boiled with butter and sugar, creating a sweet sauce with which to cover the cake.
    The final result is a donut shaped cake, sweet and tasty.

    Create it with the help of the Ring MBC 185 H 40 baking mold, made of pure cellulose. It’s ideal to bake different kinds of dough, and it’s oven baking resistant. 

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