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Novacart sponsor of ChocoLove, the first event dedicated to chocolate in Milan

ChocoLove took place at Palazzo Bovara from 10 to 12 February. Marco Battaglia from Marlà pastry shop is the winner of the contest "ChocoLove: a dessert for Valentine's Day".
  • From 10 to 12 February Milan hosted ChocoLove, the first event entirely dedicated to chocolate created by BeeBest Consultancy and Chocolate Culture.

    Novacart was among the sponsors of the event which took place in Palazzo Bovara and which included masterclasses and tastings by the greatest master chocolatiers in Italy, led by maestro Iginio Massari.

  • The event

    The event included three days of lessons dedicated to the "food of the gods", with masterclasses by masters Davide Comaschi, Domenico Di Clemente, Emanuele and Filippo Valsecchi, Denis and Andrea Buosi, Alessandro Servida, Fabrizio Galla, Guido Castagna and Maurizio Colenghi.

    There were also tastings led by Monica Meschini of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, and the experts of Chocolate Academy Milano.

    ChocoLove, created under the patronage of Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce and the support of Confcommercio Milano, was also an opportunity to discover the best creations of Milanese pastry shops for Valentine's Day.

  • Marco Battaglia winner of Chocolove contest
    Chocolates at Chocolove table
    Tree chocolate creation at Chocolove
    Chocolates on display at Chocolove
    Chocolates at Chocolove table
    Chocolate creations at Chocolove
    Chocolove pastry chefs in a group photo
    Chocolate tree
    The setting of Chocolove event
    Chocolove chefs
    Chocolove press conference
    A moment of Chocolove press conference
    Chocolove group photo
  • The contest

    Finally, during the event it was possible to admire the creations of the finalists of the contest "ChocoLove: a dessert for Valentine's Day". The winner is Marco Battaglia from Marlà pastry shop in Lodi, awarded on February 14 by master Iginio Massari.

    By supporting the event, our company confirms its commitment to promoting the excellence of traditional Italian pastry.

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