CMS Division

A division dedicated to the development of high-level machinery, able to make the production chain of the company and its customers more efficient and faster.

  • Design and construction

    Since its inception, Novacart has made innovation one of the main challenges to its work. The CMS division (Construction of special machines), within Punto Rosso, deals with the design and construction of specific and advanced machinery to be implemented in the production chain.

    Thanks to a highly qualified staff and a careful study of market needs, Novacart is able to develop and build machines with a high level of automation, to make its own work more and more innovative and sustainable.

  • Always evolving

    The machines developed within the CMS division can also be implemented in the production cycle of customers, allowing Novacart to offer a truly 360 ° service, guaranteeing a more efficient and faster production.

    Thanks to the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market needs and the launch of new patents, Novacart was able to establish itself and maintain its position as a leader in the production of paper articles for food use.

    The use of highly technological machines allows Novacart to evolve and grow continuously.

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